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    Titodabeast4 Dudes 1 Frag

    • erick2186's comment avatar

      erick2186hahahaha!!! I don't care if they were dumb or if this was just pure luck, luck = opportunity preparation! Great job!

    • JasonStotts's comment avatar

      JasonStottsSo it's obvious they as a squad were in a sort of football huddle..Hence the fact this should have been taken into a room with a table and some sort of whiskey. They seemed to have been in a little hurry to plan which led to their ultimate yet untimly deaths. For this I applaud you. For the preperation and pure luck of finding the grenade, to runnning into these 4 maggots.

    • spaceyDDs's comment avatar

      spaceyDDsHahaha. I love it! Such derps.

    raptr_master's add comment avatar
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