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    Jul 6 in Warframe
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    SnowyTheBearlook at this broken ass build

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      DariumWTF I have the exact same build with the exact same mod order on my nikana and I have worst stats. red stats am I doing something wrong?

    • SnowyTheBear's comment avatar

      SnowyTheBear@Darium If you have the exact same weapon (nikana prime), exact same mods (same rank), in the exact same order, then you will have the exact same stats. Don't worry about the color of the stats, it doesnt mean anything

    • Darium's comment avatar

      Darium@SnowyTheBear I actually found out whats wrong in the end. the stats in the simulacrum are different than the starts in the ship I have no idea why so when I went into the simulacrum I had the same stats

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