Privacy Policy

Last updated on 5/25/2018.

The purpose of our privacy policy is to let you know what data we collect and how we use that data. You should read the privacy policy in full, but we wanted to highlight a few key takeaways:

Your activity on Plays is public. This includes, but is not limited to, videos you upload, comments you post, videos you like, Plays users you follow, and information you add to your profile. This information is immediately viewable and searchable by anyone in the world. If you bind other accounts like game accounts or social media services to your Plays account, this information is also accessible on your profile.

When you use Plays, even if you are just watching content, we receive some personal information from you like the type of device you’re using and your IP address. You can choose to share additional information with us like your email address, username, and a public profile. We use this information for things like keeping your account secure, showing you more relevant content, recommending people to follow, and improving our features.

We give you control through your settings to control what information you have on your profile, your notification settings, which game and social accounts you are connected to, and the ability to block other users on the platform.

In addition to information you share with us, we use videos you upload, games you have played, videos you have watched, videos you have liked, users you have followed, and other information to determine what topics you’re interested in and other signals to show you more relevant content.

If you have questions about this policy, how we collect or process your personal data, or anything else related to our privacy practices, we want to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected] at any time.

1. Information You Share With Us

We require certain information to provide our services to you. For example, you must have an account in order to upload or share content on Plays. When you choose to share the information below with us, we collect and use it to operate our services.

1.1 Basic Account Information

You don’t have to create an account to use some of our service features, such as searching and viewing Plays video content. If you do choose to create an account, you must provide us with some personal data so that we can provide our services to you. On Plays, this includes a username, a password, and an email address. Your username is always public, but you can use a pseudonym.

1.2 Public Information

Most activity on Plays is public, including, but not limited to your profile information, videos you upload, people you follow, people who follow you, videos you like, share or react to, and comments you post. Information may be posted about you by other people who use our services and this information is also public. For example, if users tag you in a comment or upload a video where you were a participant, it is publicly available on our site.

You are responsible for videos you post, comments you make and other information you provide through our services, and you should think carefully about what you make public, especially if it is sensitive information.

In addition to providing your public information to the world directly on Plays, we also use technology like application programming interfaces (APIs) and embeds to make that information available to websites, apps, and others for their use. For example, your videos may be shared on platforms like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. We also have partnerships to share your video content on select YouTube gaming channels and gaming communities. But these individuals and companies are not affiliated with Plays. When you update your video on Plays the updates may not be reflected on these partner platforms.

1.3 Contact Information

We use your contact information, such as your email address to authenticate your account and keep it and our services secure, and to help prevent spam, fraud, and abuse. We also use contact information to personalize our services, enable certain account features (for example, for login verification), and to send you information about our services. Plays also uses your contact information to market to you as your country’s laws allow. You can use your settings to control notifications you receive from Plays. You can also unsubscribe from a notification by following the instructions contained within the notification.

You can sign up for Plays with an account from another service like Twitch, Google, or Facebook, or you can connect your Plays account to these other services. If you do, we will use information from that service, including your email address, friends, or contacts list, to recommend other Plays users or content to you or to recommend your account or content to others.

If you email us, or contact us through our support portal, we will keep the content of your message, your email address, and your contact information to respond to your request.

1.4 Payment Information

You may provide us with payment information, including your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, and billing address, in order to purchase premium services.

2. Additional Information We Receive About You

We receive certain information when you use our services or other websites or mobile applications that include our content, and from third parties including advertisers. Like the information you share with us, we use the data below to operate our services.

2.1 Location Information

When you sign up, we get signals about your current location from information such as your IP address or device settings, to securely and reliably set up and maintain your account and to provide our services to you.

2.2 Links

In order to operate our services, we keep track of how you interact with links across our services. This includes links in emails we send you and links across our platform.

If you click on an external link or ad on our services, that advertiser or website operator might figure out that you came from Plays, along with other information associated with the ad you clicked such as characteristics of the audience it was intended to reach. They may also collect other personal data from you, such as cookie identifiers or your IP address.

2.3 Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or mobile device. Like many websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and to operate our services. Cookies are not required for many parts of our services such as watching videos and looking at public profiles. Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, many browsers’ settings can be set to decline cookies or alert you when a website is attempting to place a cookie on your computer. However, some of our services may not function properly if you disable cookies. When your browser or device allows it, we use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand how you interact with our services, to monitor aggregate usage patterns, and to personalize and otherwise operate our services such as by providing account security, personalizing the content we show you including ads, and remembering your language preferences. We do not support the Do Not Track browser option.

2.4 Log Data

We receive information when you view content on or otherwise interact with our services, which we refer to as “Log Data,” even if you have not created an account. For example, when you visit our websites, sign into our services, interact with our email notifications, use your account to authenticate to a third-party service, or visit a third-party service that includes Plays content, we may receive information about you. This Log Data includes information such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, pages visited, location, your mobile carrier, device information (including device and application IDs), and cookie information. We also receive Log Data when you click on, view, or interact with links on our services, including when you download and use the Plays application. We use Log Data to operate our services and ensure their secure, reliable, and robust performance. For example, we use Log Data to protect the security of accounts and to determine what content is popular on our services. We also use this data to improve the content we show you, including ads.

2.5 Plays Embedded Content

When you view our content on third-party websites that integrate Plays content such as embedded videos, we may receive Log Data that includes the web page you visited. We use this information to better understand the use of our services, to protect the safety and integrity of our platform, and to show more relevant content, including ads.

2.6 Advertisers and Other Ad Partners

Advertising revenue allows us to support and improve our services. We use the information described in this Privacy Policy to help make our advertising more relevant to you, to measure its effectiveness, and to help recognize your devices to serve you ads on and off of Plays. Our ad partners and affiliates share information with us such as browser cookie IDs, mobile device IDs, hashed email addresses, demographic or interest data, and content viewed or actions taken on a website or app.

2.7 Developers

If you access our APIs or developer portal, we process your personal data to help provide our services. You can update your data by contacting us directly as described in this Privacy Policy.

2.8 Other Third Parties and Affiliates

We may receive information about you from third parties who are not our ad partners, including but not limited to partners who help us evaluate the safety and quality of content on our platform and other services you link to your Plays account.

You may choose to connect your Plays account to accounts on another service, and that other service may send us information about your account on that service. We use the information we receive to provide you features like finding other people to follow who also use our service. For integrations that Plays formally supports, you may revoke this permission at any time by reviewing your connected accounts. For other integrations, please visit the other service you have connected to Plays.

2.9 Personalizing Across Your Devices

When you log into Plays on a browser or device, we will associate that browser or device with your account for purposes such as authentication, security, and personalization. Subject to your settings, we may also associate your account with browsers or devices other than those you use to log into Plays (or associate your logged-out device or browser with other browsers or devices). We do this to operate and personalize our services.

3. Information We Share and Disclose

As noted above, Plays is designed as a public platform to share your video content and interact publicly with others on the platform. In the limited circumstances where we disclose your private personal data, we do so because it’s necessary to operate our services, or because it’s required by law.

3.1 Sharing That You Control

We share or disclose your personal data with your consent or at your direction, such as when you authorize a third-party web client or application to access your account or when you direct us to share your feedback.

3.2 Service Providers

We engage service providers to perform functions and provide services to us in the United States and other countries. For example, we use a variety of third-party services to help operate our services, such as hosting our website, videos, and blogs and to help us understand the use of our services, such as Google Analytics. We may share your private personal data with such service providers subject to obligations consistent with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures, and on the condition that the third parties use your private personal data only on our behalf and pursuant to our instructions. We share with advertisers the identifiers of devices that saw their ads, to enable them to measure the effectiveness of our advertising business. We also share device identifiers, along with the interests or other characteristics of a device or the person using it, to help partners decide whether to serve an ad to that device or to enable them to conduct marketing, brand analysis, interest-based advertising, or similar activities.

We share your payment information with payment services providers to process payments; prevent, detect, and investigate fraud or other prohibited activities; facilitate dispute resolution such as chargebacks or refunds; and for other purposes associated with the acceptance of credit and debit cards.

3.3 Law, Harm, and the Public Interest

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Privacy Policy or controls we may otherwise offer to you, we may preserve, use, or disclose your personal data if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request; to protect the safety of any person; to protect the safety or integrity of our platform, including to help prevent spam, abuse, or malicious actors on our services, or to explain why we have removed content or accounts from our services; to address fraud, security, or technical issues; or to protect our rights or property or the rights or property of those who use our services. However, nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any legal defenses or objections that you may have to a third party’s, including a government’s, request to disclose your personal data.

3.4 Affiliates and Change of Ownership

In the event that we are involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets, your personal data may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. This Privacy Policy will apply to your personal data as transferred to the new entity. We may also disclose personal data about you to our corporate affiliates in order to help operate our services and our affiliates’ services, including the delivery of ads.

3.5 Non-Personal Information

We share or disclose non-personal data, such as aggregated information like the total number of times people posted videos or the total likes or comments on a video or reports to advertisers about how many people saw or clicked on their ads.

4. Managing Your Personal Information With Us

We give you control through your settings to control what information you have on your profile, your notification settings, which game and social accounts you are connect to, and the ability to block other users on the platform.

If you upload videos to Plays, you have the option to delete the videos or set them as unlisted so that only users who have the URL of the video can access them. In addition, you can delete any comment that you previously posted.

If you want to stop using your account you may deactivate it. When you deactivate an account, no user will be able to see it, but it will not be deleted. We save your profile information in case you later decide to reactivate your account. You will still have the ability to reactivate your account and restore your profile in its entirety.

5. Additional Information or Assistance

Thoughts or questions about this Privacy Policy? Please let us know by contacting us at [email protected] or writing to us at the address below.

The data controller responsible for your personal data is located at the following address:, Inc.

Attn: Privacy Policy Inquiry

555 Twin Dolphin Drive, #630

Redwood City, CA 94065

6. Children and Our Services

Our services are not directed to children, and you may not use our services if you are under the age of 13. You must also be old enough to consent to the processing of your personal data in your country (in some countries we may allow your parent or guardian to do so on your behalf).

7. Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most current version of the policy will govern our processing of your personal data and will always be at If we make a change to this policy that, in our sole discretion, is material, we will notify you on our website or via email to the email address associated with your account. By continuing to access or use the Services after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.

8. Terms and Conditions.

Please also read the Terms of Service establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of the Site and the Service. Our Terms of Service can be accessed at