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    BikoMythic Kormrok Kill

    World of Warcraft• posted Mar 4 2016
      • slim_burner's comment avatar

        slim_burner@Biko Yeah mate I get what you're saying, but look up the mechanics of keybinding. It'll drasticly improve your efficiency. It's not having your addons play for you. It's basically playing with a controller with multiple buttons rather than using a stick to poke the buttons on the controller. For instance my left hand can hit any keys from 1- qwert asdfg zxcvb < those can all easily be bound with abilities so you can quickly hit the key in between global cooldowns. I promise you it'll help you improve incredibly; especially if you pvp.

      • Biko's comment avatar

        Biko@slim_burner Thank you for the advice and input, it's very appreciated. Ill try out keybinding to maximize my performance. Thanks again. :)

      • slim_burner's comment avatar

        slim_burner@Biko Good luck!

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