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    FinRenegade'tis what happens when villagers try to be snoody with their sales

    Minecraft• posted Apr 5 2017
    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegade@KittyKatniss I run ..well both, just really not at all use the normal minecraft (not so into it) -but I've put them tor run trough Steam as "Non Steam Game" -originally just for the laughs and for been able to take snapshots directly on Steam profile. :sweat_smile:

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegade@KittyKatniss I hope it works for you too, as I don't think I've done anything else "out of the norm" with it to work.

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegadeMerh, latest Villager only gives me deal of '3 Emeralds for 1 Book case' .. :expressionless: -I had forgotten they are Zombie MAGNETS .. >.> sooo.. keeping one alive does give me opportunity to capture them and drop them to the BLOOD-FORGE! :skull_crossbones::knife::skull_crossbones: (Mostly for now just dry-ragging it to get health-boosts :P)

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