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    Ho Li Schit

    as Riven

    Quadra Kill

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    Ho_Li_SchitRiven lethality, kreygasm insta quadra

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      leagueofnema_YT@Ho_Li_Schit Thank u for sharing with me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIHVVuAevC4 :) i hope you will enjoy the video.

    • Protatoo's comment avatar

      ProtatooHey there! I'm with the guys from Protatomonster (Protatomonster on YT) and would love to use this play in a video. We would put your name in the video and give you full credit in the description box, leaving a link back to this original video. Would you mind if we did?

    • Ho_Li_Schit's comment avatar

      Ho_Li_Schit@Protatoo sure go ahead

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