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    BoostedNewtonDESTROYING a training bot with SKILL (gm zarya main)

    Overwatch• posted Apr 16 2017
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    • JustPlainLucky's comment avatar

      JustPlainLuckyI want 2 be gm too. Can u share ur zarya tips with me? I'm LuckyDaHedgehog on psn

    • Fairgrave's comment avatar

      FairgraveHey can you give me tips on how 2 be gud at the game? I am new and learning. I placed high bronze and am climbing everyday even though the number goes down. Thanks.

    • ChrisNOS's comment avatar

      ChrisNOSdamn i look up to you nooooton please add me!!!!!!!!!

    raptr_master's add comment avatar
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