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    Apr 17 in 7 Days to Die
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    LandsharkfyDay 175 Updated Pain Pit

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      Landsharkfy@WuchnessMonster I use partial blocks at the top of the pit (sideways ramps, 1/8 concrete blocks, etc.) Makes the zombies think a whole block is there, so they walk across them and fall in. Open hatches have a similar effect. You also have to make sure your cage is at the same spot as your edge up above, which is what I was fixing in this video. They spin in circles above you, so you have to be able to get close to the edge, and/or make an underpassage in conjunction with fooling them. Hope that helps!

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      Landsharkfy@WuchnessMonster Check out my Zombie in the hole video for a good view of how my instigators work to make zombies fall in the pit.

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      WuchnessMonsterthanks for the info, my friend and I will give that a try on our pit!

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