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    SagevaleDice, Please Fix

    Battlefield 1• posted Apr 20 2017
    • Sagevale's comment avatar

      Sagevale@Sm0keyKTB from what I been talking to support of, it is their servers. some accounts where effected and it is really fucking annoying

    • DarkZink's comment avatar

      DarkZinkIt's fucking annoying. It also happens to me and my PC and connection are perfectly fine. DICE to fix this.

    • Sagevale's comment avatar

      Sagevale@DarkZink sadly they are claiming the servers are 100% fine and forced me to call me ISP, once it was cleared nothing was blocked, I had to call them again, they are still claiming everything is fine, they are even denying the issue of unlocking weapons for TSNP and that I am making that up, even though I linked him the post of the official statementof EA

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