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    CyberS0niCWhy did I get a penalty? #ETS2 #ETS2MP

    • failoyuncu's comment avatar

      failoyuncu@CyberS0niC omg bro open door windows shit down ey bi si di ey ef ├ži rush b go go go plant bomb pls mid clear maybe go a

    • CyberS0niC's comment avatar

      CyberS0niC@failoyuncu Lol. Thank ur Comment :). you are well "youtuber" . I'm following u^^ . 1

    • Scorpionuk's comment avatar

      ScorpionukThey are working on the lag issues, they were doing some testing not too long ago on the EU#2 server. If you see someone who is lagging then do the obvious thing.....don't be near them if at all possible. You have to remember though there's near 3500 people on one server and that said server doesn't seem to cope with the huge surge of players on it, also this platform is done for free at no cost to you so feel a bit lucky and thankful okay.

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