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    May 8 in Overwatch
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    mandrick@athlonmo Reviewing 0 death Lucio game, had different music on (you cna hear subfocus in the background at times) but this game/music sync occured! Note all the Ult drops in the music and how many other samples fit. Even the BPM change to DNB or doing POTG didn't change anything! / gaming with @brohne / @K4mOnThen

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      brohneIf I didn't know better I'd say you edited the music to fit. XD Very cool how it fits. Music took me back to my days of listening to Mobi. ^^

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      mandrick@brohne nope just took a reference point of music in media player and a timing within the Plays video I was watching then dumped the two together at the same point in PowerDirector so it was edited to that extent but music itself wasn't amended, the mp3s is exactly as it was when I bought it and the drum and bass one, the gap and everything else happened to be the next one in my playlist.

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      mandrick@K4mOnThen all the samples in the game seem to fit on beat, the smaples complet the end of bars in the music, end of breaks or drop in sync, like it was all made to fit but it wasn't. Sombra dropping her ult exactly at the breakdown at 1:10 etc. and "Oh lets break it down" at the end of that break and the beat drops again.

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