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    May 13 in League of Legends


    as Shaco


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    In this video: Emry, colossalkilla, juaizer, ScrumpsMcSliggin less
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    Colossalkillathis is one of the BEST things i have seen in a long time #ShacoBait #ShacoShenanigans #LeagueOfLegends

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      Colossalkillai was laughing for the next 3 mins and even had a good laugh about it after wards and i do every time i watch this video

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      FarligSpelarehahaha what a ****

    • Colossalkilla's comment avatar

      ColossalkillaAll game I hide as myself and the clone fights so I guess he had that warded and thought he was smart by killing me not the clone but actually it was the opposite lol

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