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    May 24 in DayZ
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    KyleessSwiftly ravaged by wolves.

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      brainstorminqIs it true that in the last patch the wolves are much weaker? In a fight against a pack of wolves i never got a bleeding. Only jacket was damaged from worn. https://plays.tv/s/LJxFo4elvLcT

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      Kyleess@brainstorminq I don't believe they changed anything in the 0.62 patch but in this particular situation it felt like they did. At first I thought maybe I had a lot of bone damage which would explain why I died so quickly (if you get hit in an area where you've received a lot of bone damage, death instantaneous sometimes) but I had ran straight to Myshkino town from the coast without even fighting any zombies or anything. Quite weird and nothing like this has happened to me since then despite having several other run-ins with wolves.

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