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    Jun 6 in League of Legends
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    JAWCREINIGERI am so good. Omg. I had a triple kill with second time Jinx. I am so good in this game. I do not understand why I am still bronze. GG. I hope you enjoy watching this clip as much as me, when I did this awesome play. @Zenxor

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      icequeenmikicould have been quad if you didn't stop to w and swapped to minigun while kiting gragas

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      JiggyNormanyeh this play is literally nothing lmfao, u deserve bronze

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      WainzThis play... for real with ur opinion and this plays, u only deserv bronze because jinx isn't a hard champ ppl should understand a champ in the first game and ''plays'' like this can be much much better. So in my opinion it was not really good plays It can be better...

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