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    FinRenegadeCutting out the hackmoney

    • DarkEternal's comment avatar

      DarkEternalI refuse to play online just because of the horror stories about innocent players being banned.

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegade@DarkEternal Yeah.. didn't help that they limited the damn R* Support -site by having one to give out computer specs -EVEN when those have nothing to do with the damn situation <. >' -I would not be surprised of them overlooking all the times I've filed correct information and reports of hacking/modding for or against at me. ..hell I would have a field day if they made better work with the info handling..

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegadeHeck.. best option right now would be giving people possebility of dropping money on the "pocket" / dropping away the "dirty-money" -> even better if it had below minute de:spawn timer too..

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