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    Jun 9 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
    Jarvan IV


    as Jarvan IV

    Quadra Kill

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    HauntzerI got it!!

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      toearly May i use this Video for my LoL Montage? Of course i will Credit you! :) If you not sure about it, check out my Montage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3J5uhwDYNA .. Have a nice day!

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      DanyBoy642This comment has been removed

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      VesprsucksHuh, you really like playing Jarvan don't you? Maybe it's because it fills the hole in your heart which exists because Americans don't have a king or any other form of monarch in their country. <============>> < - backwards space rocket ahagsSHHABHAhaHAhAHah

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