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    Jun 18 in Grand Theft Auto V
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    FinRenegadeWelp.. that happen z. z

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      FinRenegade@Mikeburdge At 00:14 you may notice how I lost the little of speed I had to stay in the air, so I fixed to landing rather than fight against the cravity. -always good to take safer route than try to jinx it up with roof-tops and etc.

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      FinRenegade@Mikeburdge oooh, wait. I might of over-looked something, idk if you've opened the "back-wings" of it, so that might be also a reason. (they slow the bike down on normal road driving when open btw. also more difficult to use breaks.)

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      FinRenegadehymm.. after-tought.. I completely missed a "But first -let me take a selfie" -joke ..ah well :thinking:

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