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    Jun 22 2017 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
    Twisted Fate


    as Twisted Fate


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    ChuckpeaJungle AD Twisted Fate

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      • OlDirtyPanda's comment avatar

        OlDirtyPandaLol feels bad, completely derped at 3:40 and threw the game. Pretty sure that game was up to me to carry.

      • Chuckpea's comment avatar

        Chuckpea@OlDirtyPanda A flanking Vayne might have worked if we didn't have communication and all turned towards you. Zilean and Ekko's stuns were on CD and you used your Qss for TF's gold card. Our team was just more synchronized due to communication I guess. Also, I didn't see you use your stealth in ultimate. You still 3 shot me lol.

      • OlDirtyPanda's comment avatar

        OlDirtyPandaIt looked like the Sol who happened to be our random 5th was going in before I came up the river, but he kinda just dipped out and I died. Oh well haha. And yeah you didn't see me stealth cause I R-Q'd wayyyy too early and my 2nd Q after QSS, I just immediately auto'd out of stealth. I'm not even that great at Vayne (or AD in general) tbh she's just fun to play.

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