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    Jul 14 in Friday The 13th: The Game
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    ScramapplesLesson learned I guess?

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      ScramapplesF.Y.I These two were steam friends. Who the hell comes up acting like that in the first place.

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      SivargHATE TEAMERS! You got him back so well. And perfectly too, just as he was unlocking it, saying it in a sarcastic way. He outplayed himself. He prob wont ever know you uploaded this, but you should almost send him it. He kind of deserves to know that he got exposed teaming. Had today one teamer come back with the boat. Got in, they sailed around then back to the shore, letting Jason get hold of me in water, then a second player got taken down same way, and ofc, the player who controlled the boat? Escaped. I have it all on Plays.tv launcher but I dont know how to edit full minutes.

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