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    • Whiskey88's comment avatar

      Whiskey88Hey @kierpanda, How do you make the montage of your plays in one video? Haven't figured this out yet and there doesn't seem to be much info on how to. Thank you!

    • SnowManBawb's comment avatar

      SnowManBawbclassic @thepja dying

    • kierpanda's comment avatar

      kierpanda@Whiskey88 Sure! So you can make montages from your session video by creating bookmarks. Once you've made all your bookmarks and trimmed them, then all you need to do is CTRL Left Click all the bookmarks you want in your montage (they'll have a blue outline if they're part of your montage). You can then preview it (the button is to the left of the big Share button). Also, the montage is put together in the order you click the clips in. Hope that helps :D

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