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    Aug 7 in H1Z1: King of the Kill
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    0034192royalty boy

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      0034192卐 This is the windmill of friendship 卐 Repost if you also love your friends 卐 :)

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      0034192How does it feel knowing I was lucky generically to be born as one of the few 5% attractive guys in the world who can get any attractive woman? Literally nothing you can do school, work, career, etc will help you get laid more than me simply because I was lucky to hit the genetic lottery? Every time you see a gorgeous girl and desperately think to yourself "I wish she'd give me a chance" I want you to remember that assholes like me fuck her without even earning it or even trying. So enjoy your internet upvotes and DnD but in the real world where it matters you ain't shit. Hey but at least you got upvotes right? The bitches loves guys who get upvotes lol loser.

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      Anoobtoremember@0034192 you dont get any bitches, shut ya ass up.

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