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    jihaho1990hacker caught redhanded!!! daybreak do something to this shit ends... this is outrageous...

    H1Z1: King of the Kill• posted Aug 8 2017
    • ShankzZCSGO's comment avatar

      ShankzZCSGOhe is running trouth the smoke you see him look at the smoke he run into it and came to your back

    • slash_n_dash1028's comment avatar

      slash_n_dash1028just outplayed

    • WcChrisling's comment avatar

      WcChrislingNot even hacking xD You shouldn't call hacks when you're getting 2nd places with 2 kills.. He outplayed you, when he threw a nade you didn't watch the right side of his tree, so he simply threw the nade, then ran through the smoke, and shot you in the back without you even having a clue about it.. That's some crazy ''hacks'' tbh.. smh

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