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    FinRenegadeLies and slander

    Grand Theft Auto V• posted Aug 9 2017
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    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegadeI left some bits from earlier (so you can see what we were doing prior -and how he went after me originally -> after I "silk glove" dropped him to a damn Ammunation :rolling_eyes::middle_finger:)

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegade<.< and yes, I am a "pussy" for not dealing with him directly, as I didn't care to. Was looking up the extends he would go after me ...the amounts of pure retardation are just.. wow.. come on.. YOU ARE OVER 60 levels and you STILL have not figured out how the damn TUNNELS work! ...sure.. I'd give you an excuse if I was in the metro and/or sewer tunnels.. or optionally in the abandoned mine (..even tho that really is not very secret after the update utilized it now is it..?)

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegadeAnd yea-yea, I keep constatly f'n up my spelling.. but guess what.. when I notice it = I "hot-fix" the damn thing and attempt to learn from it.. not embrace to stay ignorant :expressionless:

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