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    PH41N0XNow it's your turn to fly... freaking giants #Skyrim #glitch #SkyrimGlitch #wtf #wtfskyrim

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim• posted Sep 2 2017
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    • Zlydder's comment avatar

      ZlydderHey man, what's your HUD mod ? Thanks :p

    • PH41N0X's comment avatar

      PH41N0X@Zlydder it's a BUNCH of mods lol one of them you can customize the layout. which I did with the health/magika/stamina bars and the quest popups.

    • PH41N0X's comment avatar

      PH41N0Xbut the mods are as follows asUI. SkyUI. iHUD. LessIntrusiveHUD

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