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    Sep 3 in Diablo III
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    EnthA little Hardcore Diablo III drama. Special character explosion homeboy named Blade tries to kill a noob. Fails and bails. Calls me out... I tell him I have everything recorded. Keeps being a tool. This isn't exactly quality material, this is purely for principle. Feel free to not watch this... unless your name is Blade and you're bad at D3. #IRECORDEDTHAT

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      valzeilSo is blade doing anything to help the party?

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      phreeekboythis. THIS is why I don't party with randoms lol

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      Enth@phreeekboy No one I typically game with likes Hardcore... so I kinda have to wing it... I'm in a few HC channels including the Reddit ones but honestly there just aren't many people playing that aren't toxic or masochists :sweat_smile:

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