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    Sep 4 in Overwatch
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    Lepa93After placements, I placed in mid masters. How did your placements go?

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      LostOverlordI placed 3970 on ps4 pushed for the GM status on PC tho... been stuck in silver since last season, but i intentionally lost games on my first placements to play with a friend of mine so i can kinda help him up.. placed 1430 then the friend i was playing with drug me down 100 sr because he is the kind to get mad at people for going certain heros such as the semi op Junkrat... feelsbadman

    • Lepa93's comment avatar

      Lepa93@LostOverlord aww man, hopefully you can climb this season :)

    • Element82's comment avatar

      Element82@LostOverlord its very easy to solo carry at that rank, once you get used to pc aim you should be fine

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