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    VictoryAstanaVAC? VALVe when are you going to fix CSGO? Please report this hacker. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962573069/

    • Rosetta_Stoned's comment avatar

      Rosetta_Stoned@coolkid2342 You're dumb, he obviously was using his new PSU which is at 1500w which is why its so POWERFUL. 1500 is a lot. Obviously everyone else just has an inferior PSU that is <800w

    • EpS1LoN_CoLD's comment avatar

      EpS1LoN_CoLD@Rosetta_Stoned yeah, i can do this and i have PSU at 2000w, must be the PSU, not LegitAimbotCheats.net

    • Nuclear_Barbarian's comment avatar

      Nuclear_BarbarianI understand u mate, i sometimes thinking of kill all the hackers in the world

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