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    Outsida92#PVEGaming #driving #sedan #kill #Scientists #lethal #Bradley #tank #fun Driving, I spawned a Sedan for a player to check it out. Killing Scientists and the Bradley. We have a PVE server where players can't kill each other BUT players can take damage from NPC's, Bradley Tank and the Helicopter. Made possible by one of our Admins who is also a Plugin Developer (shout out to Mordeus). This is just a video of me playing around at the Launch site testing out the new setup we are going to push at the October 2017 mandatory wipe. Come check out this server and our other servers. http://pvegaming.com

    Rust• posted Oct 2 2017
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      GoldenScorpion27Nice lag

    • Outsida92's comment avatar

      Outsida92Yeah, I should have closed out of some programs before recording, lol.:thinking:

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