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    imbadAccused of throwing while carrying the team.

    Overwatch• posted Oct 9 2017
    • Dargin's comment avatar

      Dargin@KIWIo3o and you are a wannabe who thinks they know everything and their way id the right way guess what news flash THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU AND YOUR IDEALS so stuff if the way i see it the 'damage' dealers' of that match were probably garbage if THE HEALER got the play of the game THAT is the point of this video

    • joshpar's comment avatar

      joshparyou're "carrying" in elims but you're not playing your hero how it's supposed to be played, there's a reason she's a must pick, and it's not for damage.

    • TheGamer14's comment avatar

      TheGamer14this comment section is a perfect example of the ow community under mid platinum :sweat_smile:

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