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    FinRenegadeRevenging and profiling.

    Grand Theft Auto V• posted Oct 12 2017
    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegadeLuckily the bounty-head had no brains in that nugging of his (and yea, I ditched the supplies to go after (them).. was not gonna make it out with them anyway -least highly doubted it, considering where he was camping his ass 'n' attacking the small group of guys.

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegadeThe other "rampager"/Psycho I was trying to cut-off his parachute I (bit too late) figured he was only killing the "Toaster" Psycho and bunch of NPCs, luckily I didn't get him killed -and I think he too realized I was not after him at that point -othervice would of expected him coming straight after me.

    • FinRenegade's comment avatar

      FinRenegadeAnd yea, I "profile" people by base rule = trust NO ONE, specially if their levels and/or K/D is high. More than likely past 3 K/D are either hackers or are killing any player they can get away with. (And ofc. the try-hards who actually intendently kill themselves with C4 to keep their K/D intact.) -while I mostly fuck up without trying to kill myself x'DD

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