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    Oct 21 2017 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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    Zychu2z4k awp <3 @CSGOGTP

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      CSGOGTPDear @Zychu2z , you just tagged us with @CSGOGTP and that's means you agree to provide us with permission to use the above-mentioned clip in a future video on the YT channel youtube.com/CSGOGTP By TAGGING us below, You warranty that You have the right to grant US the permission herein, and that You hereby provide US with that permission. Best regards, CSGOGTP :heart:

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      CSGOGTPfeatured on Best OF Plays.TV #44 - CS:GO's Got Talented Players - https://youtu.be/h52v0f3jGKA

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      Male_Cheerleaderwhy post this, you got kills from people just not paying attention and not looking at you lol

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