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    Oct 27 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
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    In this video: Töm, Roy of Pherae, Futurama, Dauble less
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    tombotIdiot! What a dummy! Hey wait a min

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      illestofwillsits honestly better the 2nd time you watch it the 2nd time and u time the recall with the ult the camera work. oh man.... this should get an emmy, the directing, the dialog, the pacing, the cinematography. A

    • legendsneverdie_yt's comment avatar

      legendsneverdie_ytomg. can i use it for my youtube channel "legends never die" ofc I will give you credit! Thank you! :)

    • tombot's comment avatar

      tombot@legendsneverdie_yt sure buddy, link me to the video and I'll give it a juicy like, comment and subscription

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