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    Fallenclovertold karma i was gonna kill her at exactly 23:25

    League of Legends• posted Nov 3 2017
    • Fallenclover's comment avatar

      Fallenclover@MisterMysed look at zed @ 23:25. you can see the stutter buddy.

    • MisterMysed's comment avatar

      MisterMysed@Fallenclover a stutter doesn't account for literal time loss, the client despite lag will catch up regardless after any lag, you can't deny a second literally disappears, it's still a cool video tho

    • Fallenclover's comment avatar

      Fallenclover@MisterMysed im not denying it lmao, im just telling you that i didnt edit it but eh i dont have anything to prove to you, you can believe it or not.

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