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    Nov 3 2017 in League of Legends
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    In this video: Boostie, ImSowa, luc10600, UNNAMEÐ less
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      ixSnarfWhat? The voice is in the video... Again his mouse is in the video and tells the entire story. He q right at her and she flashed in a straight line with the q. Wasn't a prediction of any type.

    • MattaBush's comment avatar

      MattaBushWhy is there always ppl like you that need to contradict, like you were in voice chat with us. he actualy predict her flash, just look at where the grab ended ...You're actualy Gold 5 we are both d5 just teach us the game dude ... won't reply anymore, it's a waste of time .

    • ixSnarf's comment avatar

      ixSnarfVoice and mouse are in video. Buff said lol

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