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    Nov 18 2017 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
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    kiyomicafebest sona play

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      RichardSimmonsAnd I already know what our dream house is going to look like, we are going to be living in the most beautiful of trailer parks. I even have our trailer park picked out, its not the biggest but its the best its the one my parents grew up in they were raised together since they are siblings and all and they always say home is where your heart is and I'm assuming your heart is with the kids because you the kids my parents and the animals that we will be adopting will be sharing the same room(the room that I was born in). I cant have all the stuff in my room since I will be streaming from my own room and I cant have that extra noise in the background. from time to time my cousin Ralphy will want to come over and stay with us and he will probably molest you and I hope you're okay with that since me and Ralphy are a package deal and if you want me you need to want him to, we might even double team you if you know what I mean (you'll like it i promise ;))

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