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    Dec 23 2017 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
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    In this video: My Riven is OK, Isettox, Lïl Peep less
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    andrew5255Riven vs Yi and Singed

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      BurdTheTurdWhy did't you double cast on the siged??

    • andrew5255's comment avatar

      andrew5255@BurdTheTurd cuz i didn't want my shield to be a waste so i gave some time for my shield to take damage then stun him afterwards to keep damage to a minimum. I do it quite often, I only double cast when I know I can kill/one-shot or get very close to it.

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      legendsneverdie_ytcan i use this video for my youtube channel "legends never die" ofc I will give you credit! Thank you! if you enjoyed leave a like it really helps me :)

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