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    NFREz DecayLoot

    Rust• posted Dec 24 2017
    • nicklasn's comment avatar

      nicklasn@devin0012 you are a liar, stating that this was staged, cause i know for a fact that it wasn't ;) i was playing with NFR and Hoejland who commented on this post, owned the base. this was the second day on a vanilla server wipe :)

    • nicklasn's comment avatar

      nicklasni was playing with NFR. Hoejland who commented on this post, was the actual owner of this base, not us

    • Hoejland's comment avatar

      HoejlandVi fandt ud af Jangster havde raided os, og var kommet ind til tc og tog alt ud af det. Så det sgu ik fordi vi ikke viste det med upkeep

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