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    Dec 26 2017 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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    RoockyFaceit in a nutshell v2.0 feat. Mr 1.6 legend LUL

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      Roocky@droozy i didnt play faceit for ever i played mostly esea but yeah bet u the hot shit :D

    • droozy's comment avatar

      droozyexcept you have 16 games the past 4 days on faceit and 500 games total, and meanwhile you're not even subscribed on esea :p keep doubling down and lying tho

    • Roocky's comment avatar

      Roocky@droozy Read the comment again i just went back to faceit due i like the mission system :) j was A esea why would i sub right now when i plan into playing faceit ? dw u prolly are the 1.6 legend mr new acc :DD

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