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    RelicFadesThese people think I'm hacking. At first I thought they were trolling, but I think they're actually legit. Just wait for the end.... (and no I don't have any highlight worthy plays in either; this game didn't flatter me at all. We ended up losing.)

    League of Legends• posted Jan 3 2018
    • RelicFades's comment avatar

      RelicFades@Slickbot I usually don't either, I shouldn't have ;c

    • Nooodles's comment avatar

      Nooodles@RelicFades oh well, nice kata plays regardless i suppose :) sorry you got flamed lol

    • aredlaC's comment avatar

      aredlaCIts quite a shame you thought we were being serious, we didn't mean to offend you summoner! You forgot to include the parts of this game where you threw the game and lost however I feel like this video is a bit biased but that is just me!

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