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    • jimmi114's comment avatar

      jimmi114DId his name dissapear and show up somewhere else on the map ? Last night when I crashed and rejoined my buddy could see me somewhere else on the map and i had no nametag so he paniced and shot me. Is this thge same bug here ?

    • trampledbyturtles's comment avatar

      trampledbyturtles@jimmi114 yes i killed my duo partner because of this and then in a squad happened again last night to another friend pretty fucking dumb bug. you can't pick them back up either

    • Jackal18's comment avatar

      Jackal18Yeah this bug happened to me twice already whenever my game crashes and i hop back in, my teammates are unable to see my name above me and they see my name pop up in the furthest corner of the map away from them. Also you can not be picked up by your teammates once you have been downed so you only get 1 life.

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