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    Jan 29 in Overwatch
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    LinkSmashThank you Reinhardt! #closecall

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      LinkSmash@jaeseoul Like once in a blue moon when I'm fed up with Heroes of the Storm lol If you catch me on, we should play a match!!

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      jaeseoul@LinkSmash I actually have it for xbox one unfortunately lol I lived with 3 other guys who also had their own tvs, xboxs and overwatch so we'd play together. Once I have a little more money I'm going to get it for pc too lol

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      LinkSmash@jaeseoul I have it for Xbox One too, but I don't have XBL Gold lol poopsies. Glad you have housemates that all game together! It's always better, especially for Overwatch, to just yell at each other over what's happening lol

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