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    Feb 1 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
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    NawidoooPug Maw is life...

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      Fleshpound@GetSidekicked Um...maybe you don't know what you said or what I said mate.As you say he always targets the right champion....by right clicking on them, and right clicking on the ground to kite, it's not easy but everything is still rightclickin mate.

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      GetSidekicked@Fleshpound Seeing how sassy you reacted to my comment I can read a lack of self-confidence and can also proof that my point is right, bringing half-assed excuses won't get you out of Gold V either, budd

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      Fleshpound@GetSidekicked I can't tell if I am " Sassy " or not, this is text and I have no reaction for what I said I simply explained my thoughts.I have no lack of self confidence, certainly not in league.I don't understand what you mean with proof that your point is right.You proved my point which was " Skillful right-clicking ".I don't know what I need excuses for either and I am not looking to get out of gold because I barely play this game.Everything you said in that comment is about me instead of the play and out of subject.( I mean using my rank as an argument?Really?) And no need to be salty either, I mean no harm.I just believe his support did an even more amazing job and that is all.

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