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    Feb 5 in League of Legends
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    In this video: Imunne, Exil, Fave, Absøl less
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    ImunneEzequiel's smite key is broken, please send new keyboard

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      Imunne@Serenari Yeah we smashed botlane, left the lane 4/0 I think, as soon as I left tho..... 5/5 xd

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      Serenari@Imunne LOL riven carry tbh :joy: mid was rough ur jg was hard camping me smh

    • Imunne's comment avatar

      Imunne@Serenari your kayne riven popped off, they kept one shotting me it was a sad game for me, just the life of an adc :(. sent you a friend request btw, you're coming to these clown fiestas next time

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