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    miljadwtf rengar

    League of Legends• posted Feb 23 2018
    • SimonJK's comment avatar

      SimonJKseems like if you get a mana pot with klepto, during the duration: if you use an empowered ability, it goes back to 3 ferocity. So the next ability gives you an emp ability which resets the cycle. neat

    • Sam1337i's comment avatar

      Sam1337iHello, cool Play ! . I am Sam. I make best plays compilation (Reworked Rengar) for League of Legends! If i would Ask you if i can use your video? I Will give you credit! (The Channel is ''Its SamTV'') Have a nice Day -Sam

    • LifeisGG's comment avatar

      LifeisGGLMAO THIS CD? @miljad Your play is online, i hope you will like it: https://youtu.be/1KoKSZ1FlFk

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