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    Ixora12991I thought I was gonna be a #hero #rip #shieldsUP

    Overwatch• posted Mar 1 2018
    • Dianthus's comment avatar

      Dianthusyou got us both killed, but you get the rez, cant baleee dis

    • HellzJanitor's comment avatar

      HellzJanitorJust put your shield up my dude. No need to be a hero!

    • MegaOmega001's comment avatar

      MegaOmega001@HellzJanitor Didn't look like his whole team was going to be able to get behind his shield, he would have actually saved Roadhog if it wasn't for that unlucky Orisa pull. I do think he helped get the blast to be blocked by the pillar better though. So I think he definately helped more than protecting the 2 people behind his shield.

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