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    twitchtvmrvlhulk@Ageofsavagelands @adminabuse @Busted @Caught @RIPmywork @curruptionfound

    Conan Exiles• posted May 23 2018
    • twitchtvmrvlhulk's comment avatar

      twitchtvmrvlhulk@Dyl000 amen to that

    • asge0725's comment avatar

      asge0725what a fucking dickhead

    • derpling's comment avatar

      derplingdamn, not sure how I ended up here but this will be a lesson on how to be one of the shittiest admins. especially this "TheJediOfAllwell i guess it all comes down to its my server and ill let who ever i want play on it and who i dont want on it ill just wipe them :) " has been screenshotted to keep it as a reminder for the also biggest asshole admin that exists. shame on you man, shame on you. disgusting to see shit like this happening.

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