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    Jun 16 2018 in Realm Royale
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    WildclawsTwitch[WARNING: High sounds at the end] 5 minute end game fight 1v1 - Engineer VS Assassin

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        GrittyLoLtwo kills total XD i consistently get 10 kills and cant finish first due to people like you playing engineer sitting in corner POGGERS

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        WildclawsTwitch@GrittyLoL I usually get more kills too, but i landed in the far north of the ice area, and i didnt meet anyone until some of the last few circles.

      • WildclawsTwitch's comment avatar

        WildclawsTwitch@GrittyLoL Also i normally play Ass/warr, and i just engage straight on. But i wanted to chill as engineer, and as you saw, it worked :P

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