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    Jul 13 2018 in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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    EMUthePeasantNew R6S christian chat put on a test

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      OakNachtWow. That's some toxic censorship. Let the script kiddies run wild but someone says "****". Priorities in check apparently am I right?

    • ShadowAN's comment avatar

      ShadowANwow that's ****. another reason why i stopped playing this game

    • NickZ1's comment avatar

      NickZ1I got an easy fix for this, make it so that you can only get autobanned for using "toxic" language if someone in the match reports you first. Meaning that if you use a swear word but you do it in a non toxic way and no one reports you it's fine. It would not be perfect but it would be better than this crap.

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