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    katapanKatarina still sucks

    League of Legends• posted Oct 1 2018
    • Miaghy1's comment avatar

      Miaghy1@katapan I think the problem is not that she has not received a buff. The thing is that katarina is an easy champ to play, and an easy champ to counter on teamfights in high elo.

    • katapan's comment avatar

      katapan@Miaghy1 I dont think so. You can say it maybe for the old Katarina, but not for the reworked one. Points of view i guess.

    • KurtCoVayne's comment avatar

      KurtCoVayneProblem is she passed from a smooth game play to a... smooth-less gameplay, it feels so awkward to jump on these daggers with that many delays while all the other assassins can throw 4 spells at you in 0.2 seconds and kill you

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