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    Nov 25 2018 in For Honor
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    tyler0081st time using Warden since launch vs a rep. 2 berserker. i need to faint more.

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        BadDadDude I dont think it is a problem with needing to faint more. I think you were beating yourself by being trickier than you needed to be. I bet if you brawled that guy you would have won. He was a bad zerker, he used the zone way too much because it kills stamina for the damage it does and he spammed the up heavy. A good zerker once told me that the up heavy is only for max punishes and faints since it is way too slow. You did have some good parries and punishes though

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        BadDadHe bit on all heavy faints which means if you just did light rapid fire combos you would probably overwhelm him especially since he just had like 2 moves he leaned on.

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